From simple GIS data entry to complex analytical functions, we have the tools and assets to help you capture, analyze, visualize and report on your geographic data. By leveraging the power of ArcGIS we can produce deliverables in a
timely manner.

Analyses is what GIS is all about. And we have done lots of it. From producing final outputs for First Nations, to querying the best location for cedar harvest, no analyses project is too big (or too small) for us.

We also do 3-D modeling, where it is heavily used for Geology, Diamond/Gold Mining, as well as in Fisheries. We utilize industry-standard software in tandem with ArcGIS to produce the best results for our clients.

Our mapping and cartographic team are experienced in producing high-quality commercial-grade maps. With a state-the-art plotter we are able to produce maps on standard and transparent media. We regularly plot cartographic material for government publications, industry-use as well as for internal check-plotting.

At CRMLTD, we acknowledge that there are excellent third party products on the market. There is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ if we can leverage the advantages of these products. We take Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products like GoogleEarth Pro and Google API to develop it for our clients’ needs.