CRM retains a cadre of highly talented programmers specializing in geospatial intelligence adaptive applications.  Our team has engineered numerous mission-critical applications for our clients’ immediate operational requirements. We have also brought to market several custom applications and modules as add-ons or plug-ins to existing management/ information  systems.

We leverage the power of .NET programming in applications varying from smart devices to web-based management systems distributed on corporate intranets. We are not, however, limited to working developing within the .NET environment. After a need-assessment and user-requirements survey, we would determine the best course of action, and which language and development environment best suits your needs.

In addition to .NET, we also provide programming services in other development environments, including the ESRI Object Modelling. We also create applications using ESRI’s development environment, allowing us to leverage the ArcGIS objects to create customized tools for analyses or batch processing. In some cases we build the workflows using CASE/UML and then translate it into the object modelling environment.

Because of our web-based GIS services, we also offer custom applications and website design utilizing the industry standards like XML, ASP, HTML, CF. This enables us to create robust and dynamic web applications using GIS data.

Although our software engineers can create custom applications and programs for our clients in any application, and in any environment, we add value to our products by infusing geographic and spatial information.