CRM is proud to provide GIS training and courses for groups or individuals. Our staff regularly instructs courses at the university campus level, as well as providing operational mentoring and training in the field, at your location, or at our corporate facilities. Our client feedback are consistently positive and we are considered in high regards. Our staff have overseas mentoring and training experience, and are regular trainers for several agencies in Canada.


We provide several types of training and courses including OMLT, Individual, Corporate, University, Career-Progression, Refresher Courses, Introductory GIS, Advanced GIS, and Product-specific.


Operational Mentorship and Liaison Training is our most comprehensive and in-depth training offered. With OMLT, we embed subject matter experts in a mentor/trainer role within the organization to provide on-the-job expertise. Because the clients are the end-users, the training is conducted through professional development within the working environment, enabling our team to utilize existing infrastructure and capacity, giving constructive feedback when needed. Where there are opportunities to capacity-build (either through technology workstream upgrades or knowledge transfer), our team will effectively train and mentor the clients to a higher skillset standard enabling them to utilize their knowledge base efficiently. We specialize in overseas-based training opportunities.

Introduction to arcgis I and II

These courses are our standard instructor-led two- and three-day GIS courses as offered through university and college campuses, at a value-added rate. We can provide custom course material and exercies to suit your individual or organizational needs..


Advanced GIS

These courses are designed for those who have basic experience with GIS and wish to advance their skillsets into other facets of GIS like different types of analyses including spatial analyses, 3D analyses, routing and networking. We also offer courses on Geodatabase design, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS SDE, etc.


If 1 on 1 GIS instruction is required, our staff can meet with you to discuss your needs, and provide you with a course training package that is most suitable for you. Locations could be off-site or at our facilities.


We provide training at our facilities (or yours), in a group setting. A hybrid of theory presentations and practical exercises will enable the group to work together to solve common GIS-related tasks. We provide custom course material or course training plans in accordance to the type of GIS course
you want.

Refresher courses

These courses are designed for the GIS user who may be looking for new ways of providing GIS services. It may be that you are upgrading from one version of ArcGIS to another, and want to learn the capabilities of the new software, or we can teach you how to write batch programs that will save
you time.

Product Specific

We provide training on any product we deliver. Whether it is at our facilities, at yours, or in the field, we will ensure that the end-user is proficient with the product.


Would you like to learn more about the training services we offer? Reach us via our Request Training form.

Vancouver Island University

We provide two multi-day courses at the Vancouver Island University: Introduction to GIS I, and Introduction to GIS II. Please refer to the course calendar for future dates. We also welcome invitations to instruct at
other campuses.

Career Progression

So you are a Database Administrator, or you are an Information Technologist looking to advance to the next level. We provide a training programme that enables you to X-train into this technology without having to review the redundancies that is similar in the field you are in. This minimizes training time, and gets you started right away.