Coastal Resource Mapping runs on the talents and skillsets brought in by our team members. Our full complement includes Subject Matter Experts on Analysis, Project Management, Cartography, Programming, Information Management/Technology, Database Creation/Administration, Public Affairs, Instruction/Training. Although each is a subject matter expert in their own right, each team member is a GIS professional having graduated from a highly intensive and exclusive post-graduate GIS program. Adding to this distinction, each of our team members’ academic and previous work backgrounds are highly varied, giving us the advantage to offer solutions in many areas of interest.

We also retain a cadre of instructors, accountants, legal experts, field surveyors, data entry operators, and executive managers that we can offer to our clients as assets and resources to tap into.


Because of the sensitive nature of our work, our team members cannot be profiled on our website. If you would like more information or would like to come and visit, click our Contact page and choose a method to get a hold of us. We would gladly send out a company resume with full staff profiles at that time.